Part #: 03-1451HD03-1451HD
  • New patented design by Dayton Parts
  • Increased rigidity of the tube at both ends
  • Bushing length 1.50” to provide a wider bearing surface
  • Longer service life
  • Floating clamp plate design:
    • Both clamp plates in this kit install on the inside of the air beam and have a chamfer on one side which is stamped “INSIDE”. The oring in this kit provides the “grip” between the cam tube and clamp plates; therefore, do NOT put any kind of lubricant, sealer, etc. on the o-ring before installing it.
    • With this design you get a grip around the entire circumference of the cam tube and both plates together are 1/4” wide, way more contact area than the current 8 or 4 tab design on the market.



Bevel side (”INSIDE” stamped) facing in towards the o-ring


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